Compostable Coffee Cups

The Problem:

The Packaging Forum estimates that in New Zealand 295 million hot and cold cups (including coffee cups) are used every year. We have seen a significant growth in the number of brands of compostable coffee cups being used and so we asked consultancy Beyond the Bin to identify where and how compostable coffee cups can be processed in New Zealand.

We’re also investigating whether there are end of life solutions for the range of cups now being used (compostable and traditional plastic/ paper cups).

Beyond the Bin identified 11 facilities able to process compostable packaging in New Zealand and others running trials.You can read the report here!

The Solution


What are we doing to solve this problem with compostable cups?


Identification – We want to provide clarity for consumers with an agreed industry standard and a logo on cups

Innovation – new product design and new processes to ensure end of life solutions

Investment – we’re looking at standalone compost units as an option

REVIEW - "Availability of New Zealand Compost Facilities to process compostable coffee cups and food packaging">>  

SUMMARY - "Accessing the Availability of composting facilities for events in New Zealand">>

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What’s the optimum solution – compostable or recyclable?

Lyn Mayes from The Packaging Forum and Kim Renshaw from Beyond the Bin, presented a report to the Waste MINZ conference in November 2017 discussing:

Tackling coffee cups: Innovation, identification and investment

Read the presentation>>