Our Mission

Do the right thing by recycling your bottles, cans and cartons in the right recycling bin at home and when you’re out and about

It’s pretty simple, really!  We need everyone’s help to be part of the solution to keep our country clean and green. To make it easy, we have tripled the number of recycling bins in public places since 2011 and we plan to keep adding more. Our recycling bins promote the 'Love NZ’ brand so when you see them take a moment to remember all the things you love about living in beautiful New Zealand – then keep it that way, by recycling.

87% Kiwis surveyed say they recycle at kerbside. What you can recycle varies by region so you need to check with your Council but glass bottles, PET drinks containers and aluminium cans are universally collected. And the good news is that over 94% Kiwis surveyed know they can recycle their bottles and cans.

We’ve also introduced Soft Plastic Recycling Bins at over 300 locations in New Zealand so that over 60% New Zealanders are able to drop off their empty bread bags, toilet roll wrappers, chip packets, fresh and frozen food bags etc.

Is New Zealand REALLY 'Clean and Green'?

When it comes to waste we’re not as clean and green as we could be.  

To keep our country clean and green we also need to have the right bins in the right places and educate people about what to do with their waste. There are 6 public place waste bins to every 1 public place recycling bin so we are focussed on increasing the opportunity for people to recycle.

We’re getting better.

73% of glass containers and 69% of all beverage containers are collected for recycling.

Be part of the solution …

Thanks to your help, since 2011 we have recycled over 500 million containers. We have already tripled the number of strategically placed recycling bins around the country and have increased what gets recycled with better recycling awareness. That’s why we support the Government’s Love NZ brand so that when you see a Love NZ recycling bin, you immediately know that you can recycle your used bottles and cans. 

Now we have litter in our sights with a Let’s Put Litter in its Place Campaign – not only do we want to increase recycling away from home but we also want every piece of waste to go into the waste bin, for an even cleaner, greener New Zealand. 

The Litter Survey snapshot found that 87% streets and public places surveyed were virtually or mostly free of visible litter. This shows that councils and communities are doing a great job cleaning up.  The real issue is how we stop people littering. 

Who is behind the Public Place Recycling Scheme?

The Public Place Recycling Scheme is an industry funded initiative which is owned and managed by the Packaging Forum. Industry has invested over $2 million in the Love NZ branded public place recycling programme since 2011 and plans to invest an additional $7 million to increase recycling and reduce litter by 2020.

Over 40 of New Zealand’s leading companies support the Scheme paying levies which are used to buy recycling and litter bins and to help fund recycling and composting at events and venues around the country. You can check out our supporters on Members of the Public Place Recycling Scheme.

Local councils are also among our key supporters.

Please get in touch with us to find out more.