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goals_icon.png Download our LOVENZ Guide to Selecting and Positioning Recycling Bins

goals_icon.png Guide to Accessing the Availability of composting facilities for events in New Zealand

goals_icon.png National Litter Survey

Funding Applications

To make a funding application for support from PPRS, use the forms below:

goals_icon.pngApplication form for funding for a Public Place Recycling Scheme capital project

goals_icon.pngApplication form for a Public Place Recycling Scheme event

goals_icon.pngApplication for a Public Place Recycling Research project

Marketing Resources


goals_icon.png Horizon Research into recycling habits of New Zealanders

  • 50% New Zealanders polled in areas that have public place recycling bins are aware of them. 
  • 29% people are aware of the Love NZ brand
  • 37% also say they have a problem with litter in their area
  • 96% people know they can recycle plastic drinks bottles
  • 94% know they can recycle glass bottles and a similar number aluminium cans


TPF CCC Compost Facilities Study

Video Clips - Library

Tidy Man TVC

Love NZ recycle - Fly fishing

Love NZ at Eden Park

Spectators use Love NZ recycling bins for their glass bottles.

Dunedin Radio Ad for Love NZ

Dunedin City Council advertises using Love NZ recycling bins on local radio.

South Island Bintainer launch

Love NZ recycle - Mountain Biking

Love NZ recycle - Boating

Love NZ recycle - Beach

Love NZ recycle - Forest

Coca-Cola Amatil Recycling with